Fibromyalgia; #Spoonies, Stomach Issues, and 4 Remedies that work!

Fibromyalgia; #Spoonies, Stomach Issues, and Remedies that work!

As if us #Spoonies don’t already negotiate a laundry list of symptoms, many with Fibromyalgia also battle IBS or persistent acid indigestion. Over the years I’ve come upon a few remedies that serve to give me respite and/or shorten the bouts of reflux. These 4 tricks can help you too!

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Easiest Ube Waffles with Effortless Coconut Syrup; Make Ahead with a Vegan Option!

Easiest Ube Waffles with Effortless Coconut Syrup, (Vegan Option!)

These EASY make ahead waffles yeast overnight in the refrigerator, and get cooked up whenever you make your way out of bed on a lazy long weekend. The sweet Ube and creamy coconut milk are enhanced by a simple homemade coconut syrup.  These are light, healthy, and vegan if you’d like. Top with some chopped toasted macadamia nuts, and breakfast is done! 

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A “No-Recipe” Spaghetti Squash Recipe

A No-Recipe Spaghetti Squash Recipe- HeDoesXrayIDoFood.Com

This is a “no-recipe” recipe because it doesn’t need to be over-thought. It’s more about learning the method of roasting this truly versatile squash so you can play with the fillings in the future. #SpaghettiSquash

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