Easy Side Dish, “Macho” Peas (from Frozen!)

Easy Side Dish, "Macho" Peas (from Frozen!)-HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

This is one of the easiest last minute side dishes to make to brighten up the dinner table. The cool mint balances out spicy chili paste while the sweetness from the peas serves as a perfect vessel for those flavors.

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Healthy “Soul Food Style” Kale with Prosciutto

This is a great “SUPER FOOD SIDE DISH”. Kale is such an important food full of organosulphurs, which protects us from cancer. It’s also dripping with vitamins A, B6, and C. For those of us with muscular issues, it’s a wonderful source of potassium as well. Despite its extensive health benefits, it’s earthy-ness is often […]

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