Meaty (Meatless) Manicotti, 220 cal +13g protein each #MeatlessMondays

Meaty (Vegetarian) Manicotti, 220 cal +13g each-

My “meaty”, vegetarian version of this Italian favorite I often covet (but avoid at all costs), contains only 220 cal each and 13g of protein. A moderate amount of three cheeses gives it a rich flavor, while Italian seitan or meatless sausage increase the protein content. If you and your family are trying to master “Meatless Mondays”, this recipe will be make healthy eating feel special!

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Tamale Cupcakes, a meal to go!

If you’ve had a rough day, week, or heck…month, this is one of those meals that can make life a little easier. It uses a combination of pantry and fresh ingredients, all very healthy. Once baked, these keep well with just an ice pack, rather than needing to be fully refrigerated, and are great at room temp if you don’t have a microwave handy. This makes them perfect for lunches, picnics, or a snack to-go.

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