Easy California Shrimp Tacos; NO Cooking Needed…Because its Too Damn Hot Outside!

Easy California Shrimp Tacos (No Cooking Needed!)- HeDoesrayIDoFood.com

Ick, its 93° with 80% humidity here in Chicago. Turning the oven on, despite having a working AC is not at all appetizing to me right now. After living in steamy places like Fort Lauderdale, NYC, Chicago, and of course the armpit of Florida, Tallahassee, I’ve learned to have a couple of “go-to” recipes for days like this.

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Quick Hot/Cold Pickled Salad, So Freakin’ Easy!

HotCold Pickled Salad- Hot/Cold? Is this me being indecisive again? No, not this time. Its HOT because of the nice kick it has from the cayenne, yet its COLD because its a chilled and has nice cool cucumbers. Its a HOT/COLD crunchy salad!

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Healthy “Soul Food Style” Kale with Prosciutto

This is a great “SUPER FOOD SIDE DISH”. Kale is such an important food full of organosulphurs, which protects us from cancer. It’s also dripping with vitamins A, B6, and C. For those of us with muscular issues, it’s a wonderful source of potassium as well. Despite its extensive health benefits, it’s earthy-ness is often […]

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