Summertime Stroganoff; A Light & Healthy Vegetarian version, No Heavy or Sour Cream!

(Vegetarian) Summertime Stroganoff-

This has instantly become one of my favorite high protein, low-calorie dishes. The creamy umami sauce, sweet peas, and meaty mushrooms keep my Summertime Stroganoff hearty without all the fat. Low cost, Freezer/pantry friendly ingredients make it a great weekday choice. Even better news: other than a pot to boil the noodles, this dinner is made in ONE pan! Why save the comfort food recipes for cold weather? I am delighted to take a heavy, gut-buster gravy and make it into something that can be enjoyed any time of year.

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Aunt Jodi’s Stuffed Mushrooms, Re-Created

These come in under 300 calories, while still providing 24 grams of protein EACH! Seriously, that’s a lot of protein. If you are an athlete, or a Mom or Dad feeding athletes, this meal packs a punch for those busy bodies. For us women, its recommended that we have anywhere for 44-78 grams of fat if we are following a 2,000 calorie diet. Each of these mushrooms, equal to one serving, only contain 17grams of fat. So, when you combine all that nutritional goodness, with tons of flavor, and there is NO REASON no to make these!

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