Fibromyalgia; #Spoonies, Stomach Issues, and 4 Remedies that work!

Fibromyalgia; #Spoonies, Stomach Issues, and Remedies that work!

As if us #Spoonies don’t already negotiate a laundry list of symptoms, many with Fibromyalgia also battle IBS or persistent acid indigestion. Over the years I’ve come upon a few remedies that serve to give me respite and/or shorten the bouts of reflux. These 4 tricks can help you too!

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Chicago Vegan Guide for the Cali “Vegan-ish” Gal

Chicago Vegan Guide for the Cali "Veganish" Gal

Although I’m not vegan, healthy food is healthy food. What does that mean? I can see a lot of great qualities that come out of veganism. However, I don’t have the willpower, nor desire, to forever say goodbye to French butter with chunks of Fleur de sel, freshly whipped Chantilly cream, or stinky soft cheese. But I’ve always believed everything good and indulgent should be consumed in moderation. That includes things like veganism, vegetarianism, or a meat eating carnivorous lifestyle.

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