Low fat & Healthy Turkey Picadillo Sandwiches; Inexpensive, Kid Friendly, and Perfect for Weeknight Dinner

Low Fat & Healthy; (Turkey) Picadillo Sandwiches-HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

This Cuban staple is a hearty dinner or lunch option full of flavor, but not of fat. My version features a tomato laced sauce that permeates the lean ground turkey in place of the traditional fat/grease laden ground pork chorizo and 80/20% fat ground chuck. Briny green olives and fragrant capers are balanced by touches of tart golden berries or raisins. This easy to make, one pan meal will quickly become a family favorite. Serve with a side of Quick and Easy Cuban Style Black Beans (from canned) and dinner is done!

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Quick and Easy Cuban Style Black Beans (from canned!)

Quick and Easy Cuban Style Black Beans (from canned)- HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

These quick black beans are flavorful, fiber-ful, and just pretty! Smokey cumin compliments the combination of onions, garlic and bell peppers known collectively as “sofrito”, or “the Holy Trinity”. Despite seeming to be too quick to be true, these legumes make a delectable nutrient rich side dish.

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Uncomplicated French Onion Soup, Made Simply to Taste “Fancy”. Make Ahead and Freeze for those cold snaps!

The luxurious richness of slowly caramelized onions gives a fragrant taste to this surprisingly low budget, but fancifully French soup. Although very little fat is used in its making, this entrée-worthy dish has an almost buttery taste that makes it seem over-indulgent. Make the full batch and freeze half to pull out on sick days, during unexpected snow storms, or just a Wednesday that has you enduring a case of the “blahs”.

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Easy (& CHEAP) Roasted bone-in-split Chicken Breasts

This is the easiest way to have chicken ready for any recipe that calls for cooked meat, or that demands that YOU pre-cook cook the meat. We often just eat this for dinner with a side of Veggies and some crusty bread!

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