How to Cut a Spaghetti Squash When You Have No Upper Body Strength

How to cut a Spaghetti Squash-

Along with the popularity of this starchy pasta alternative has come a good amount of finger cuts, broken knife tips, and frustrated home cooks.
I’ve come up with a simple, straight forward, systematic way of safely cutting this versatile veggie in two. Patience, a sharp tipped knife, and my method will help you avoid a brow of sweat & a garbage full of raw squash you couldn’t cut.

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How get a hard Boiled Egg without the Ugly Grey Ring Around the Yolk

Have you ever ordered a Cobb salad at a restaurant and when it was placed in front of you the first thing you saw were the gross gray rings around the yolks of your hard boiled eggs? Although that doesn’t effect the taste, its not a good way to start your eating experience… especially when you learn how easy it is to avoid those eyesores.

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