Easy Kalamata Tapenade with Sumac; A versatile condiment

Easy Kalamata Tapenade with Sumac- HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

This is a budget friendly way to make a tasty olive spread that shouldn’t be relegated to the sole use as charcuterie platter item. Its versatility surprises most. How do you eat tapenade? Spread it over toasted sliced of baguette for a simple appetizer. Place a dollop atop polenta discs for a hearty side dish. Layer under bread as a potent condiment for grilled sandwiches, or roll it into a pork tenderloin for a quick impressive dinner. But, my favorite is to use this easy tapenade on my Za’atar Pizzas with Labna.

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(Vegetarian) Restaurant-Level Chocolate Mousse; 5 ingredients & 190 calories. UNCOMPLICATED.

(Vegetarian) Restaurant-Level Chocolate Mousse; 5 ingredients & 190 calories. HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

The bitterness from deep, dark chocolate is enhanced by a touch of nutty Kahlua liqueur creating a smooth and romantic final course to a special meal. Top these little (Vegetarian) Restaurant-Level Chocolate Mousse; 5 ingredients & 190 calories. HeDoesXrayIDoFood.comjarred treats with fresh strawberries, raspberries, or perfumy cherries (if in season). Or, if you are up for a life changing experience, spoon a few ambrosial Italian Amarena Cherries along with a swirl of the syrup they swim in for a truly decadent touch. Go ahead, you deserve it!

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Cardamom Crème Oatmeal Sandwiches, (Accidentally) Vegan and only 288 Cal each!

Cardamom Crème Oatmeal Sandwiches, (Accidentally) Vegan and only 288 Cal each! HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

These “Accidentally Vegan” sandwiches are a cool, chewy, spiced treat that I guarantee you’ll re-consider sharing after your first bite. Eggless Oatmeal cookies nestle a later of non-dairy crème that rivals any “oreo” filling. However, the true star of this treat is the unique flavor that comes from the tangy, spicy scent of ground cardamom. It is unique and a nice change from the traditional cinnamon or nutmeg that overwhelms us this time of year.

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Strawberry Filled Almond Cupcakes with Chantilly CRÈME- Eggless and Under 300 Cal

In an age of sometimes intimidating flavor combinations like oysters & watermelon, or bourbon & sriracha, the classics are my safe space in an ever-tasty world. Traditional pairings like strawberries & (whipped) cream, or berries & almond are so comforting in the modern foodie community of juxtaposing flavors. These cupcakes make the most of this seasons star berry by showcasing them as they should be and using almond (amaretto) to give them a hint of nutty essence.

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