Buffalo (Tempeh) Bowls; One of my Favorite Make Ahead Meals!

Buffalo (Tempeh) Bowls-HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

Fiery, tangy, buttery… but not sinful. That’s how I’d describe the Buffalo-ed tempeh in this bowl. The balance of cool, creamy avocado, and buttery chickpeas against the heat delivered by Louisiana Style hot sauce is crave-able! These bowls are simple to prepare, inexpensive, and full of protein, fiber, and flavor.

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Buffalo “Winged” Cauliflower- The Easiest version you’ll find

Buffalo "Winged" Cauliflower- The Easiest version you'll find-HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

The spicy tang from Louisiana style hot sauce it enough to cause involuntary mouth-watering. (Admit it, you just salivated!) The crunch that comes from perfectly roasted cauliflower is only complimented by a soft breading from healthy grain containing whole wheat pastry flour. These guilt-free wing-substitutes are healthy enough to be a side dish to NYC style (un-fried) Fried Chicken  or a nice grilled steak, but crave-able enough that I’ve been known to eat them as an entree.

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