Uncomplicated French Onion Soup, Made Simply to Taste “Fancy”. Make Ahead and Freeze for those cold snaps!

The luxurious richness of slowly caramelized onions gives a fragrant taste to this surprisingly low budget, but fancifully French soup. Although very little fat is used in its making, this entrée-worthy dish has an almost buttery taste that makes it seem over-indulgent. Make the full batch and freeze half to pull out on sick days, during unexpected snow storms, or just a Wednesday that has you enduring a case of the “blahs”.

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Meaty (Meatless) Manicotti, 220 cal +13g protein each #MeatlessMondays

Meaty (Vegetarian) Manicotti, 220 cal +13g each- HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

My “meaty”, vegetarian version of this Italian favorite I often covet (but avoid at all costs), contains only 220 cal each and 13g of protein. A moderate amount of three cheeses gives it a rich flavor, while Italian seitan or meatless sausage increase the protein content. If you and your family are trying to master “Meatless Mondays”, this recipe will be make healthy eating feel special!

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(Vegetarian) Restaurant-Level Chocolate Mousse; 5 ingredients & 190 calories. UNCOMPLICATED.

(Vegetarian) Restaurant-Level Chocolate Mousse; 5 ingredients & 190 calories. HeDoesXrayIDoFood.com

The bitterness from deep, dark chocolate is enhanced by a touch of nutty Kahlua liqueur creating a smooth and romantic final course to a special meal. Top these little (Vegetarian) Restaurant-Level Chocolate Mousse; 5 ingredients & 190 calories. HeDoesXrayIDoFood.comjarred treats with fresh strawberries, raspberries, or perfumy cherries (if in season). Or, if you are up for a life changing experience, spoon a few ambrosial Italian Amarena Cherries along with a swirl of the syrup they swim in for a truly decadent touch. Go ahead, you deserve it!

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My tour of one of Santa Barbara’s first organic farms; the beauty of symbiosis and the need to thank our farmers

Now that I have traveled this country and seen with my own eyes the areas of the U.S. that have sadly earned the description of “food deserts”, I am that much more grateful for the plethora of fresh produce I maybe once took for granted. More so, I am thankful to stand face to face with the men and women that used their own hands, hearts, and homes to grow those treats and treasures that act as medicine on my nightly dinner plate.

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