My Favorite Pantry Staples

These are Products that I just can’t live without. They make life easier, healthier, and yes…More Indulgent!

bd917c3e-eb59-4019-9fdc-53c4d0ad1fc4_zps38987f73White Lily, All Purpose Flour

This is BY FAR, the best Flour I have ever used. Its the secret to all Southern Ladies’ Fluffy Cakes. I’m not sure where to find it on the West Coast, but its worth a search. I use this for all my cakes, when not using Cake Flour, of course.

Peter Pan, Reduced Fat CRUNCHY Peanut Butter

This Peanut Butter is not only reduced fat, but has a more moderate flavor. Its tends to mesh well with other flavors, rather than over powering them. Try it on a PB&J Burger, or Stuffed French Toast.

Hodgson Mill’s Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancake Mix

This Stuff is so Yummy! I use it for my Bacon and Cheddar Pancakes. It really rounds out the health part of “Healthy Breakfast.”

Smuckers, Sugar Free Blackberry Jam (Seedless)

This is what I use for Stuffed French Toast, and PB&J Burgers. Its so versatile.

Ginger People, Ginger Juice.

I discovered this about 4 years ago at a Food Show, and have been in love with it since. I buy it at Whole Foods, and it lasts quite a while in the fridge. It gives great flavor to my Chicken Tikka Masala.

Nellie and Joe’s Key West Lime juice

KeyLimeJuice_zps51d0b797Although you can find real Key Limes at the grocery store in a little mesh bag by the produce, sometimes they can be a pain to squeeze. Also, by the time they make it out to the West Coast, or elsewhere around the country, they just aren’t fresh anymore. So, to remedy that I found and LOVE this product. You can find it by the bottled lime & lemon juice at your grocery store. Use it to make Mojitos, margaritas, marinades, etc. So Yummy! Use it, without substitution for making my Key Lime Pie Cupcakes.

Honey Maid, Low Fat Graham Crackers5fa300fd-f94f-4129-b59b-790b26e84cc5_zps6ec8f8dc

These are great not only for a lower fat and sugar Graham Cracker Crust, but also as a crumble layer for sweet treats. I love them for finishing touches on cakes and cupcakes. See here on Key Lime Pie Cupcakes.

Baker’s Joy, Baking Spray with Flour

I use this ALL the time. It allows cakes to come out of the pan seamlessly, without adding any chemical flavor. This is a must for everyone f019ffbdb-3131-4907-aa1f-0b09eb3c3f5b_zps3b669c96rom new bakers to professional pastry chefs.

La Tortilla Factory, Hand Made Corn & Whole Grain Tortillas

These are the BEST tortillas for tacos! They are a blend of corn and whole grain, coming in at only 90 calories each with Corn whole grain tortillas5 grams of protein! La Tortilla Factory has come out with flavors such as white corn, yellow corn, and my fave, Green Chili! They don’t work too well for enchiladas or tostadas, but are way better than whole wheat or low-carb flour tortillas. They don’t have that gooey, raw taste of the regular flour tortillas either, or the gritty feel of some corn options.

Ian’s Whole Wheat Panko Breadcrumbs

Ians PankoThese are great because they add that little bit of fiber and nutrients from being whole wheat. They use sea salt to season them, as opposed to ingredients I can’t pronounce. (See my rant about Italian Breadcrumbs HERE) Ian’s also makes a gluten free panko for those with gluten allergies or intolerance. The bag is on the smaller side, but all my recipes use them sparingly. They are still carbohydrates, so I try to take it easy on the amounts I put into my recipes. Thankfully, because they are crisper and larger pieces that traditional breadcrumbs, less works just fine… actually… even better! Check out my recipe for Aunt Jodi’s Stuffed Mushrooms, Re-Created to see how I use them.  Check out Ian’s site to find out where you can find them near you.


More to come!

(Talia Miele)

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