Why Fibromyalgia, Re-Created?

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Because, after having this illness since I was only 15 years old, I’ve decided to quit fighting the place it holds in my world. Accepting it as a constant passenger on my journey through life has allowed me to figure out how to live well with it. The truth is, “it” is a large percentage of who I am. I get mad at “it”, tired from “it”, and at times thankful for “it”. Granted the thankful times are rare, but yes, I am grateful that it has taught me we all have our crosses to bear. Its shown me to never assume I know what someone is carrying, as most people see me and don’t realize that I have this illness tied to my back. It’s an invisible disease, but very real.

Because of my Fibro, I have learned to adapt my way of doing things so that I can get more “Bang for my Buck.” What I mean by that is, I have to take advantage of my good days to prepare for my bad days. This means making desserts to last all week, breakfasts to keep in the freezer, and extra pasta sauce for days I just can’t cook a meal from scratch, but don’t want to resort to unhealthy take-out.

I’ve also developed easy, and SUPER-tasty methods to cook vegetables so that I have no excuse, even when I am not feeling well, to not have the life changing nutrients only they can offer me. The way that I cook them also insures that I am maintaining their vitamins and fiber, instead of steaming them into the water we pour down the drain.

You may not have Fibro, or any disease at all, but you may have children to chase after, a job that takes up all your time, or some other energy draining & time consuming circumstance in your life. Either way, we can all use little tricks to make life healthier, easier, and more indulgent!

If you do happen to be a fellow “Fibro”, I hope my many years of trial and error can help you to manage your illness and silent passenger. If you have tips or tricks that help you cope, I implore you to share them with me! You can message me, or leave it in the comments. As I always say, “We Fibros must stick together!”

If you are interested in what Fibromyalgia is and who it affects, please take some time to check out the National Fibromyalgia Association’s website. Click here.

Check out my Fibromyalgia, Re-Created Posts!


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