Strawberry Filled Almond Cupcakes with Chantilly CRÈME- Eggless and Under 300 Cal

In an age of sometimes intimidating flavor combinations like oysters & watermelon, or bourbon & sriracha, the classics are my safe space in an ever-tasty world. Traditional pairings like strawberries & (whipped) cream, or berries & almond are so comforting in the modern foodie community of juxtaposing flavors. These cupcakes make the most of this seasons star berry by showcasing them as they should be and using almond (amaretto) to give them a hint of nutty essence.

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Bought too many, Banana-Apple Bran Muffins, 200 cal & the size of your fist!

Bought too many, Banana-Apple Bran Muffins, 200 cal & the size of your fist!

Do you end up with uneaten apples & bananas when the weekend comes around? Ugh, me too. Try making these lightly sweetened oat bran muffins with cinnamon sauteed apples on top. These large muffins come in just over 200 calories each, with 6g of fiber and 5g of protein. See my make ahead note to learn how to make them last all week.

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Less than 350 calories- Guiltless Browned Butter Banana Cupcakes with Pecans & Whiskey

This cupcake is showcased by an intensely flavored frosting. It has a rich, deep taste that comes from browning a minimal amount of butter. Adding brown sugar and whiskey creates a sort of layered “caramel” that’ll knock your socks off! The molasses in brown sugar also adds depth to the cake, while bananas reduce the amount of fat used to make it exceptionally moist.

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(Light) Black Forest Cake, less than 1/2 the Calories than the Average Recipe!

Light Black Forest Cake with REAL Whipped Cream-

My spin on the Black Forest Cake is light but not at all “diety”. (That’s a word.) It has a pure cherry compote using fresh or frozen fruit, layered over creamy whipped cream and a light chocolate cake. Don’t eat some synthetic, diet “dessert” with artificial (sugar free) sweeteners, canned “pie filling”, or ingredients you can’t pronounce. Make this cake with all real ingredients, real whipped cream, and real guilt-free satisfaction.

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