How get a hard Boiled Egg without the Ugly Grey Ring Around the Yolk

Have you ever ordered a Cobb salad at a restaurant and when it was placed in front of you the first thing you saw were the gross gray rings around the yolks of your hard boiled eggs? Although that doesn’t effect the taste, its not a good way to start your eating experience… especially when you learn how easy it is to avoid those eyesores.

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How to Make Stabilized Whipped Cream, A Surprisingly Simple Method to Crème Chantilly

How to Make Stabilized Whipped Cream, A Surprisingly Simple Method to Crème

My method for Stabilized Whipped Cream couldn’t be easier to master for someone who has never worked with gelatin or even made whipped cream. It’s a great method/recipe to have in your repertoire as a versatile medium for different flavorings. It can be used to top cakes & cupcakes, be folded into pastry cream to make “Crème Diplomat” or as in my house…to be eaten with a spoon. (I know, I know. Moderation is everything. But sometimes I just can’t control myself.)

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Easy California Shrimp Tacos; NO Cooking Needed…Because its Too Damn Hot Outside!

Easy California Shrimp Tacos (No Cooking Needed!)-

Ick, its 93° with 80% humidity here in Chicago. Turning the oven on, despite having a working AC is not at all appetizing to me right now. After living in steamy places like Fort Lauderdale, NYC, Chicago, and of course the armpit of Florida, Tallahassee, I’ve learned to have a couple of “go-to” recipes for days like this.

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Clean a Leek like a Cooking Geek! Let your LEEK FLAG FLY!

These bright green, onion-ey/garlicky (not words, I know), fragrant vegetables add a creative and different flavor to many dishes. Swap them out when using white onions and you’ll get a much more subtle aromatic effect, while adding a gorgeous color.

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How to dice an onion… dare I say… the RIGHT way…

When dicing an onion, always use very well sharpened knives. For this, you’ll use both a pairing knife, and a chef’s knife. My one and only chef’s knife is a 7″ Santoku. It’s one of my prized possessions. If you invest in a good chef’s knife, it’ll last literally a lifetime or longer. All you […]

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