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Let me me get this part out of the way, the question I get most: How exactly does he do X-ray? Well, my hubby Frank is a Travel X-ray Tech, specializing in Electrophysiology (Wife-Brag Alert!) Basically, he is a heart healing rockstar! The “Travel” part of “Travel Tech” means the same as it does in the title “Travel Nurse,” a profession with which more people are familiar.


So, how do I do food?TaliaMiele- Voyage Chicago

With my Hubby’s job, we move every 3-6 months to a new city, and more often to a new state. So far we’ve lived in San Francisco, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Chicago, Venice Beach, New York City, Palo Alto, Tallahasee, Seattle, ans a few I’m probably forgetting. In between assignments we tour this crazy country in our 30′ RV, aptly named Dear Prudence, with our cat #WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot. Each city has its own treasure trove of food. Those edible adventures include restaurant dishes, food stand finds, spice stores, and open air markets. this-is-how-we-ride-hedoesxrayidofood

 So far we’ve lived in San Francisco, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Chicago, Venice Beach, New York City, Palo Alto, Tallahasee, Seattle, and a couple I’m probably forgetting.

My mission is to take fattening, rich, guilt-inducing dishes I fall in love with as I eat my way around this country, and Re-create them. This way we can eat them guiltlessly and still enjoy them as much, if not more, than the originals. Take a look through some of my recipes, and you’ll see there aren’t any steamed vegetables or boiled chicken on my menus. You’ll find recipes and discoveries that have allowed me to eat cake every night, bacon some mornings, and “fried chicken” for dinner, while staying lean and healthy. My motto is “Everything in Moderation”, while getting the most flavor out of the best ingredients.

20170819_233020220_iOSThere are lots of sites out there that create low-calorie “food-like” meals & products, but don’t involve much cooking. They throw together “low-fat, food-like products”, pop them in the oven or microwave, and call it cooking. What?!! With that method, fresh ingredients seem to get thrown out the window.

I believe the idea of Good Food involves not only flavor and enjoyment, but also nutrients, fresh fruits & veggies, and all while being cost-effective. It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat in a way that is beneficial, and full of enjoyment.

I have broken my recipes into a few categories:

Breakfasts:  Here you’ll find recipes for muffins, scones, and breakfast breads. I tend to make things you (or my ever rushing husband) can eat on your way out the door, or in front of the Sunday paper.

Savory:  This includes the salty side of life! Entrees, appetizers and side dishes can be found here.

Sweet:  My favorite! This includes all the dessert, bread, cake, and pie recipes. Oh man, I need a cookie!

Fibromyalgia, Re-Created:  This is a place to find information on this illness that touches so many men, women, and teenagers. Please help to spread the awareness for this “invisible” illness. #Spoonie 20171114_211246521_iOS

6 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Glad you had a chance to check out my site. Let me know if you have any recipe questions, or if you try any of them out. Happy eating!


  1. Talia, this is one of the BEST food sites I’ve seen in a while. You have a way to make everything super deliciously tempting, not to mention creating a magnet to drag one back into the kitchen! Keep up the terrific site.


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