Golden berries, Inca Berries: The anti-raisin and super-food substitute

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Golden berries, Inca Berries: The anti-raisin and super-food

These are not raisins. 

Let me start by stating, I emphatically despise raisins. I don’t have a childhood story where I was forced to eat raisin-covered-raisins, or any other odd dish studded with the dried fruit. To be honest, my mother rarely bought them. I just don’t care for the mushy dried grapes. So much so, I only buy carrot cake at bakeries if they can swear it doesn’t contain the pesky little mush-balls.

Powerhouse of goodness, a.k.a Super-Food

Given that, I found a superb substitute in the Incan super-food known as golden berries. They are also referred to as Inca Berries, the people to which we owe thanks for these delicious nuggets. In addition to having a perfectly balanced sweet-tart flavor combination, they’re filthy rich in active goodness for our bodies. These little mock-raisins have a good deal of protein, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A (for healthy skin and eyes).

Golden berries super-food substitute-Close Up-HeDoesXrayIDoFood

For us women they’re an excellent source of iron. The most remarkable aspect of these tasty morsels is their well-harnessed amount of antioxidants. This cancer-fighting element can further help keep aging at bay and cut down on inflammation.

Better than Raisins, Booming with Flavor

They are covered in a slightly thicker skin making them excellent for recipes requiring a simmer. The berries won’t fall apart, but will still soften in the sauce. Although I crave them as a snack on the go, they kick up my Low fat & Healthy Turkey Picadillo Sandwiches to a level different from the traditional Cuban dish.

Golden berries The anti-raisin and super-food substitute-bigger than raisins-HeDoesXrayIDoFood

More Berry for less Cabbage 

Much to my wallet’s dismay, golden berries are more expensive than raisins. But, they’re almost twice the size and pack twice the flavor. So, I use about 1/3 less that one would raisins and run my knife through to cut them in half. This exposes the flavorful little seeds inside and gets them down to a raisin like size. I buy them on Amazon through their “subscribe and save” program and use them largely in savory recipes. But golden berries are wonderful baked into quick breads or straight out of the package midday!

Click pic below to see how they’re used in my Low fat & Healthy Turkey Picadillo Sandwiches:

Low Fat & Healthy; (Turkey) Picadillo


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