Spreading awareness, one video at a time…

Sometimes bringing awareness means putting aside my discomfort, and being vulnerable for the greater good. Although I made this video for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day back in May, the message stays the same all year round. It was so difficult for me to put all of my experiences and feelings out there for anyone to see. However, writing it all down was cathartic.

I encourage all “Fibros” to do the same. Be open with your friends and family about your struggle. Just don’t have a set expectation on how they may, or may not react. Do it for yourself, so that you know you aren’t hiding your fight. Do it for those struggling with this stupid illness, who don’t feel they have a voice. A complete stranger may hear your story, and it could give them empathy when their loved one is diagnosed.

I think about when I was 15, and this disease didn’t really have a name, much less a face. And I think about the day I was diagnosed. I rushed home and got online, searching for chat rooms so I could talk to someone else who had this. It was so hard to find anyone. Now, we are a network. We have a face, many faces actually. But the work needs to continue. Without awareness, funding for research won’t be a priority. We have to keep this illness in the spotlight. Shining a light on our own personal struggles, will help bring this disease, as a whole, out of the dark.

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