How to dice an onion… dare I say… the RIGHT way…

When dicing an onion, always use very well sharpened knives. For this, you’ll use both a pairing knife, and a chef’s knife. My one and only chef’s knife is a 7″ Santoku. It’s one of my prized possessions. If you invest in a good chef’s knife, it’ll last literally a lifetime or longer. All you need to keep it in good function is a steel to sharpen it often. You can find out more about my beloved knife here on this page.

Ok, let’s get to cuttin’!

1.  First Slice off the ends of the onion.


2.  Lay on one of the flat sides, and cut in half. Peel off the outer layers that you won’t use.


3.  With onions set aside on a clean part of the cutting board, wipe of any pieces of peel so they don’t end up in your dish!


4.  Using a pairing knife (like the one on this page), make slices from cut edge to cut edge, or going all the way through on one end.


5.  Use your chef’s knife to make slices across the cuts. Then, with the end that was not sliced through, turn flat and dice. Voila!


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