Inca Berries, Golden Berries, whatever they are called, I LOVE THEM!


These are also often called “Goldenberries”, but the credit is truly do to the Inca People. As someone who truly detests raisins, these have become my go-to substitute. They are tangy and just a tad sweet, but more importantly a Super Food.

They have a great deal of protein, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A (for healthy skin and eyes), as well as Iron. To me, the most impressive aspect of these tasty little morsels is their well-harnessed amount of Antioxidants. They help to fight off cancer, keep aging at bay, and cut down on inflammation, which is great for people like me with Fibromyalgia!

They are SOOOO tasty in any Moroccan Cous Cous dish, thrown into my Israeli Flavored Bulgar Salad, or in a little Ziploc bag as a snack on the go.

They are significantly more expensive than raisins, so I use about 1/3 less and run a knife through to cut them in half. They are larger than raisins, and a WHOLE LOT more flavorful, so using less works out perfectly. They can run close to $15 for an 8 oz bag at health food stores, so I buy them on where you can get 2 bags for around $20. Give ‘Em a chance, your body will thank you!

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