Local Honey- The Natural Allergy Pill!

Pure Local Honey

For years I have struggled with horrible seasonal allergies. Now as I am approaching my 30’s, ick, I feel like I am starting to grow out of them, while my poor husband is right in the thick of his. He’s tried every allergy pill out there from prescription to over-the-counter. Some may work for a bit, but most just don’t offer him any real relief.

While living in Tallahassee, we used to buy the best homemade jams and local Tupelo honey out of the garage of this lovely and spry old man. He was retired, owned a beautiful Southern home out-right, and enjoyed conversing with people who stopped by the pick up a bag of Georgia pecans, a jar of Mayhaw Jelly, or some locally grown sweet potatoes. He told us that eating a bit of LOCAL honey every day would clear up my husband’s misery and congestion in no-time. I thought maybe it was an old southern “wives tale,” but in desperation to help the hubby breath, I checked it out. Numerous sources agree that this has been the oldest remedy to allergies since ancient time.

So, STOP buying generic, mass-produced honey at the grocery store! Go small, go local, go artisan! Your nose will thank you!

Check this out:

 “The Amazing Health Benefits of Local Honey

The medicinal benefits of honey & pollen & beeswax have been recognized since the time of the Greeks.

Local honey can provide relief from seasonable allergies. Consider the logic: the bees are collecting nectar from the very plants that are making you sneeze and sniffle, and so with honey you can ingest minute amounts of the very allergen that is troubling you.

A tablespoon of local honey each day can relieve the symptoms of pollen related allergies. Include local honey in your daily diet throughout the year & you may never need to take antihistamines for pollen allergies again. Begin one month before your allergy problems generally start by eating one teaspoon of honey each day and continue until allergy season is over. [Adios Claritin™]

You want to be sure to use honey that has not been heat-treated as this can damage or reduce the pollen in the honey. Let it Bee Honey is completely pure and untreated.

Let it Bee Local is dedicated to providing you with pure local honey. First and foremost it is delicious, but the health benefits are not to be sneezed at.”

         Source <http://letitbeehoney.com/merits-of-local-honey.php>

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